Get Rid of it!!! Day 40

And I am home friends! So we are back! It was quite the busy day. I went to yoga, then a bridal shower, did a little Spring Cleaning and then we went to listen to our awesome neighbor’s band called DNA at a local bar and grill. It was our neighbor and his grandsons, about ages 6 and 10. Cutest thing. But here is some of what I got rid of…


11 days of mail… Gone!


Comfy flannel shirt… Adios!


Gardening tools, I won at the bridal shower…. Donated.

Also a vase (not picture) that I won, I have it to my friend Danielle, because it will look beautiful in her house. And cause I love her❀!

I also got rid of some boots, undies, and my husband got rid of things while I was gone which I rather not know what it was. But I really need some shut eye.

Until Next Time My Friend,

It is time for Spring Cleaning!


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