At Home Vacation!

My house is a disaster right now and I wasn’t ready to face it, so I ran away!!!

Really, we wanted to catch up on our Walking Dead TV show, so we are at the in-laws watching TV, while they still vacation. The kids are getting their fill of Sesame Street, and other PBS cartoons while we take a much needed vacation after the vacation we just had. Yeah, I just said that! 😇 Hey, you go into chaos for 10 days and tell me you don’t want to kill a couple brain cells for a couple of days after that.

My husband is really awesome. He came on his break from work and made us breakfast… Bacon and eggs, yum!

For lunch, I heated up the sauce he made the previous night, but never got to eat.


It is absolutely delicious! He makes awesome sauce. I can’t even tell you what I did my first half of the day, I cannot remember. But after lunch, my little guy took a nap and then we went on our first Geocatching adventure.

I may have seen a commercial about it on TV, but I know that it sounded fun. What it is is an app which shows you all of these scavenger hunt locations around your area, which you follow the compass and you find a box with stickers or toys and you take one and then leave one.


This is the box we found, it was inside a tree! I wrote in the little log the date and our family nickname F4Power. Took a sticker and left sidewalk chalk.


It was raining, but that did not stop us from trying to get the next one that was in the same park, but it started to thunder and the next Geocache was in a tree, so we left and then came back with Detective Dada! We looked for about 2 hours but to no avail. It was supposed to be an easy find, but the liquor bottles we found under the tree led us to believe that someone took it (Party Poopers).

We went shopping for dinner and decided we wanted to spend another night at the house in which we caught up with two more episodes and had a wonderful dinner.


Stuffed banana pepper, spinach noodles with sauce, sausage and lettuce! Soooo satisfying.

Now, I know as far as as the Geocaching, we will be doing it again. It’s a game you can play around the world, so I think you should at least check it out here. It is fun for everybody. I have the free version right now.

As far as my house goes, I will get there tomorrow… maybe…

Until Next Time My Friend,

Will you try Geocache?

Busy Day

Yesterday, I took the boys to swimming class where I was told the boys were improving, but that they should remain in the first level for the next class. I am very proud of them, they are doing very well.

After, we went to the bookstore, we had lunch and the boys played with Lego’s for 3 hours. I read 13 chapters of a book about a16 year old girl who made a list after she found out her cancer was terminal. I did not want to spend the money on a new book. I had to bribe the boys to get them to leave.

As soon as we got home, outside we went. I went into my donation box and got to something out. Can you believe it?


I then took the weeds out of my garden. I dug, pulled and ripped weeds and vines. The boys had fun digging for worms.

Then we went to Grandma’s house and took all of the stones that a train shot at the house. It was supposed to clean up snow, but instead it shot stones which did damage to many houses.


We decided to spend the night, and head to the zoo tomorrow. That was my day.

Until Next Time Amigos,

What did you do today?