Busy Day

Yesterday, I took the boys to swimming class where I was told the boys were improving, but that they should remain in the first level for the next class. I am very proud of them, they are doing very well.

After, we went to the bookstore, we had lunch and the boys played with Lego’s for 3 hours. I read 13 chapters of a book about a16 year old girl who made a list after she found out her cancer was terminal. I did not want to spend the money on a new book. I had to bribe the boys to get them to leave.

As soon as we got home, outside we went. I went into my donation box and got to something out. Can you believe it?


I then took the weeds out of my garden. I dug, pulled and ripped weeds and vines. The boys had fun digging for worms.

Then we went to Grandma’s house and took all of the stones that a train shot at the house. It was supposed to clean up snow, but instead it shot stones which did damage to many houses.


We decided to spend the night, and head to the zoo tomorrow. That was my day.

Until Next Time Amigos,

What did you do today?


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