What to Do?!?

So, it is cold! Brrrrrr! We don’t want to go out because we know we will spend money! Even if we eat, someone will get hungry. Something! So what do we do?


We make pigs! We draw them, cut them, make a background, then paste the pig. Daddy of course went a step further and and cut shapes out of construction paper and pasted them. I had my big boy, write his name, “pig” and “cerdo” on the back. Little writing, spelling and Spanish all in one.

Until Next Time My Friend,

What do you do when you don’t want to spend money?

Get Rid of it!!! Day 45


That is a cover to my iPad that I no longer use and a hat we just received. And yeah, that is my thumb saying hello.


Two boxes of toys that we just received. We don’t need any more toys. (Except the ones we kept to put in

Geocache boxes)

And there are my toes saying hello.

Until Next Time,

We should totally have a healthy easy recipe swapping linky party. I know it’s random, but cool.

Dentists, Cleaning and Sweets! Oh My!

I went to the dentist at 9am to get a cavity filled…to find out I needed a root canal, work on a crown on top of the cavity. After I nearly hyperventilated, they told me they could knock me out for $976 that I would have to pay out of pocket. Luckily, I can finance that. Surprise, surprise! I scheduled my appointment, but it ruined my day.

Our friend needed help moving things out of his ex wife’s garage. This makes me nervous because people like to give is things and I am trying to get rid of things.

Well, he was giving us a book shelf that he insisted will fit in our home.


Pretty, it does fit, but it is very big. We appreciate it! And of course, we were happy to help a friend. In helping our friend, we also inherited two boxes of toys, a telescope (cool, I always wanted one), shirts and hats, winter boots(which we got rid of my old ones), and a drum set.

Well, I spent a quite amount of time cleaning yesterday, so having all of that stuff on what was my clean foyer put me in a crankier mood.  I did a lot of pacing and my husband kindly gave me a shot of tequila (so gross, but surprisingly effective).

I don’t care, I am tired of doing things I need to do like clean so I left the mess, sat in the computer and watched Wrestlemania 31! I am so happy Undertaker won, same with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. I wished Brock Lesnar would quit (he doesn’t seem like a nice person at all) even out of the ring, but he lost which is satisfaction to me.

I made organic brownies from scratch and made Sundays! And then passed out and slept wonderfully!


Brownie, French Vanilla Ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles!

Until Next Time My Friend,

End the nights sweetly, with hugs and kisses!