What to Do?!?

So, it is cold! Brrrrrr! We don’t want to go out because we know we will spend money! Even if we eat, someone will get hungry. Something! So what do we do?


We make pigs! We draw them, cut them, make a background, then paste the pig. Daddy of course went a step further and and cut shapes out of construction paper and pasted them. I had my big boy, write his name, “pig” and “cerdo” on the back. Little writing, spelling and Spanish all in one.

Until Next Time My Friend,

What do you do when you don’t want to spend money?


4 thoughts on “What to Do?!?

  1. Board games, drawing, playing with their train set, I spy… I’ve noticed my children will do anything as long as I’m doing it with them so the problem is keeping myself from getting bored! 🙂


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