Our Dining Room!

So, I figured I would show you where we put the bookcase which now hold our dishes.


Welcome to my colorful dining room. Because I am a girl from the Caribbean, I demand that my home is lively with colors.

We have been rearranging the house over and over trying to figure this out. We knocked down arches and walls. This room in particular started as a living room, but now it s our dining room.

We have a gift certificate for an interior designer… But I think I rather know what people from WordPress have to say.

Until Next Time,

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Our Dining Room!

  1. I think your room looks nice! The bookshelves turned cabinet seem like a great storage piece and a nice place to show off your dishes 🙂 I don’t have any cabinets for my dishes in the dining room so I am totally envious. Do you collect Fiestaware? I might spot some in your cabinet? I do and can’t wait to have a place to display it! If not, check it out.. You’ll fall in love!


  2. it looks nice and “homey”. The drapes idea is definitely great. Also maybe you can place the artwork a little higher. I don’ t know… the first thing I saw was the pretty artwork 🙂 and the tv is kinda covering it …


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