Underneath Your Clothes…

There is what we call underwear. Usually, we tend to keep them until they nearly disintegrate. Both men and women, obviously, there are exceptions. But it was a condition in our home at least.

Being the laundry cleaner in our home. I realized my husband’s undergarments were reaching a point of me questioning “how can he wear these?” So being the good wife that I am I replaced socks, underpants and undershirts with all new stuff. All better!

Well, being used to not wanting to “waste” money on myself, I kept my undies which were pretty much a decade old (they had good quality stuff back then). But then the man of the house made a sarcastic comment (I really dislike sarcasm) about my so sexy undies and I purposely dismissed him. And waited until he forgot about it.

I ditched the oldies and purchased new stuff that were comfy, but pleasing to his eyes. I went to Victoria’s Secret…jk…I went to Target. And without him knowing replaced everything.

I thought he hadn’t noticed, but he had. I just was not paying attention. I did not realize how much closer he was to me when he would pass by. How his hand would now grace my hip. How his tone changed when he says “you look good babe”. I did not realize how much I missed all of it.

It changed the dynamic a little bit. It feels good. No one sees what’s underneath your clothes except your significant other. It makes a difference when you put that little bit of effort to please the eye of your love. You both get a boost. So why not?

Until Next Time,

It’s the little things.


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