I slept in today and my big guy did not want to get up either. So we allowed ourselves a late morning.

We went to the gym, dropped the boys of at the Kids Klub while I went to Zumba class. I have missed class for about a month now because I have been going to yoga instead. But there was a substitute and as fun and sweet as she seemed…I yearned for a good workout and this was not working, so I walked out and stepped on the bike. A minute and thirty-four seconds in, Miss Ashley gets me because little guy got an elbow to the face. So… I was done.

Little guy was okay, but we left and went out to lunch. The boys had macaroni and cheese and I had cream of chicken and wild rice soup.

We then went to the bookstore where we spent about four hours. The boys played while I read 17 chapters of a book I decided I was not going to buy since I read thirteen chapters last Sunday. I have awesome kids.

We went to the Christmas Tree store to buy rain coats and cookies. We then decided to go to the park and find some Geocaches. I looked and looked, still no luck. But I won’t give up.

After I retired for the day, we had our in-laws come over for dinner, which was very relaxing. And here I am, exhausted trying not to fall asleep. So, that was my day.

Until Next Time,

I need a new closing statement… Lol