Look at this Blonde!

So she is Blonde, she is funny and she wants to write a bestseller. She is a high five extraordinaire and my international blogging bff from across the pond (drum roll please!) She is BLONDEUSK!!!

I only try read her blog posts when I am alone. Only because I want to give her posts my undivided attention. This has caused me to shamelessly lock myself in the bathroom and calling “private time” on numerous occasions.

I must have my daily dose of funny and entertainment. Whether she has two mannequin heads argue about which is better or whether she is capable of letting go of an expensive looking red balloon, you will find yourself asking for more.

My favorite, is the short story called “Enid” which was featured in University Creativityinc14 Magazine. This story is about a serial killer who preys for its victims at a diner. Ooh, the twist…the twist…

Just check out how awesome she is! Seriously, click here…NOW!☺

Spring Has Sprung!

Not because the flowers are starting to bloom, but because the birds are smashing into my picture window. I have heard three already.


In the middle of that circle is a feather from yesterday. Today, sadly, a little birdie did not make it.

It makes me sick to my  stomach just hearing them smack into my window. I’ve closed the shades, the curtains, but it doesn’t make a difference (sigh).

What can we do?

Get Rid of it!!! Day 48

I was out of the house all day yesterday, but today I get rid of TWO things!


Maternity Dress pants. I wore these the other day (don’t judge me) lol. And very comfortable shorts that got snagged and ripped.😭

Until Next Time World,

A moment of silence for my comfies.