Get Rid of It!!! Day 50

I was not thinking, but I did not take photos of what I got rid of. I cleaned the refrigerator. There was a lot of stuff, multiple bottles of things that I put together, some things that spoiled, a couple broken. But at least I took photos of my clean refrigerator!




So much better!

Keeping it in the Cosmics!

Join the #blogbattle created by Rachael Ritchie. (Thank you for inviting me)

This week’s word is Cosmic. Here we go!

It is the way he looks at her that makes me turn red with anger. What is so special about her anyway? She believes she is so pretty with her long dirt brown hair, her hips swinging as she walks,  swampy green eyes…I don’t know what he sees in her.

I look so much better than her, my eyes sparkle like stars, my skin glitters with youth and I eat way better stuff than she does.

“It’s called food…”

“Get out of my room! Does mom know you are not at practice?”

“Yeah, it was canceled! Besides, I am the best anyway, I don’t need to practice.” I watch my pesky brother sit on my bed always invading my privacy.

“So why are you spying on him again? You are not his type.”

“What do you mean? I am the most desirable bacherlorette on the planet. I can have anyone I want.” He is trying to get the red out of me but it’s not going to work. “Besides, the first thing I am going to do when the Cosmic Fest ends is get as far from here as possible and never come back!”

I see a flash of sadness in his eyes. “Are you going to go with him?” I nod unsure that he would keep my secret.

“Mommmmm! Gleek is leaving to go be with a Human!” He slams the door shut before I can get him. “