A Bit of This and That

I worked on numbers, sight words and days of the week with my boys before they finally agreed to eat breakfast. I cleaned the refrigerator and the kitchen and forced the kids to go play outside on this beautiful day. “No toys” I said, I wanted then to use their imaginations.

While they played, I created part of the curriculum I will be following this year since I am homeschooling officially. I looked up what the state retirements are and started to find fun things to do.

In and out the boys came to asking for water, to have a snack, needed a boo boo kissed.

Something was bugging me about the short story I submitted since before I submitted it. It seemed short for a 1000 words. I couldn’t figure out why, the word counter said over 1000, so I cut the story. Then I figured out what happened…. Ready? It was over 1000 characters, not words… Lol. Typical me! So…. Yeah…  Talk about a short story, lol.

So after my brilliant realization my babe, who did not get my story at all (go figure), got home from work. We had a couple of beers, fired up the grill and made dinner.


Yes, my hamburger was half gone. So yummy and no burger bun for me. This tasty hamburger was seasoned with my special adobo, grilled over charcoal, topped with grilled onion and mushrooms, super spicy jalapeño, with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Absolutely delish with a side of green and Mexican beer.

After stuffing our faces, we all took showers, watched a documentary that everyone fell asleep watching except me because I am writing. But I am going to be fine for now. I am exhausted. I bid you adieu!