Get Rid of it!!! Day 51 Part 2

I skipped yoga today and went Geocaching with the boys. On one quest, I ended up finding two different scavenger hunts.. image Munzee which you scan these for points and… image Letterboxing in which you trade ink stamps I believe. Update: image Thank you walktx! That is so exciting! Guess who has stamps? THIS GIRL!!! Excitedly, I forgot to finish looking for my cache. Instead, I went to the park and to the cemetery to find a cache that was in memory of the founder of Big Brother Big Sister Club. Well, after getting home, I was excited to clean up the back porch off of all of the stuff we couldn’t get rid of during the winter. My babe tackled the garage and the kids created bigger messes. image Crazy, huh? That is how all of this stuff was making me… CRAZY! I started to put things out on the curb in hopes people would come and pick it up. image Well, people did. I got rid of about 5 boxes of toys and metal frames from a futon. The rest of the stuff, we put on the back of the truck to bring it to donations tomorrow! It feels so good to get rid of stuff! My in-laws were so awesome, they ordered Indian food for us and brought it over. And our friends at the restaurant were too kind. They sent us lentil soup, cucumber salad and rice pudding on the house. They make the best chicken makhani ever! Yum! After taking of the grime off and a load of laundry, we put on The Land Before Time. Now, three out of four are sleeping and I am on my way to shutting my eyes… Good night!


2 thoughts on “Get Rid of it!!! Day 51 Part 2

  1. In letterboxing you only collect an imprint of the stamp you find… you leave the stamp for the next finder. You carry your own stamp pad and logbook to collect the print. If the letterbox has a logbook you should have a personal stamp of your own to stamp into the logbook.

    Never take the stamp or the logbook you find.

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