Letting Go…. Day 53

I grew up with little. At one point we stopped celebrating Christmas. But one Christmas morning, my then boyfriend Mike invited me to his house. I was flattered, but I was in no way prepared for what came next. When I walked in the house, his family yelled “Merry Christmas Legs”. Lol I still laugh at the nickname. They had not opened their presents yet. I sat down and was overjoyed that they would think of me. They truly are a beautiful family!

At one point Mike asked me “aren’t you going to open your presents?” The look of confusion really got a roar of laughter, I wasn’t expecting anything. One by one I opened my gifts, a little embarrassed, but grateful beyond my wildest dreams. This was the best Christmas ever!

13 years later, I still have almost everything they gave me, because that was the little bit I had when I moved out of my mom’s house.

I have posted about Mike before… He committed suicide last year and it has been the biggest heart break of my life. Because we were supposed to remain best friends and some day when we were old and in a nursing home, we were supposed to play pranks on other seniors. At least that was the plan since freshmen year of high school.

Anyway, he gave me this stereo that Christmas.


It used to make me smile because of all  of the fun Mike, our friend Andy and I used to have, but now I look at it and it just make me sad. Sad that he’s gone, sad that I couldn’t help him, sad for the pain of his beautiful family.

So… I have come to the decision that I have to get rid of it! So here it is…

Day 53…


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