Tizzy Saturday

Today after Zumba (which nearly killed me since I haven’t gone in over a month) I went shopping for an outfit . I am not a fan of shopping, so it gives me a little bit of anxiety. I grabbed a colorful jumpsuit, two pink shirts, a blue skirt, two brassieres, a sports bra and a workout shirt that says “it won’t be easy but it will be worth it”.

Now, I purchase these items and went home to try them on. The jumpsuit which was a size large, fit nice on the top, but it did not fit my bottom. The skirt which was a medium because the large was to long, did not fit. One of the pink shirts was too big,  the brassieres I did need, the gym shirts and bra are my new obsession.

The only thing that was a yay was a pink dress shirt that I wore to a bridal shower (4 hour commute), everything else will be returned tomorrow.

A highlight of my day was while driving through my old neighborhood, I saw friends I went to school with. It was really nice and also spending time with my family.

It was a good day, I do not like how clothes fit me, but hey, I just need to stay off the cookies and get back to Zumba regularly.

I did not get rid of anything today… It was my day off.


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