Get Rid of it!!! Day 57

After my massive donations, I took a little break. I actually haven’t been home  long enough to get rid of anything. Why wouldn’t we be outside? Actually, yesterday, I was inside most of the day…I was dealing with our finances which is really stressful and had me in a foul mood in spite of the 80°(F) weather we had.

So, even though we got rid of a lot of the big things in the house, we still have a lot of stuff, I think. My babe thinks I need to slow down because I thinned out the kids toys by a lot, we both agreed to put the “offending” toys in the attic so he can go through them. I am just tired of picking up toys that the kids dump trying to find their favorite ones. The are too many for them to pick by themselves.

So, I am going small. I cleaned a junk drawer. One that collects all of the things that we want to quickly put away.


Trash, mostly wrappers from hardware.


The end results. I sorted things into ziploc bags. Screws, hardware, batteries and rubber bands. We do have a bag with candles. The boys made sure I did not get rid of any, 😁. In there I also have a backup smoke detector, cookies for our drinks, my slow cooker thermometer and last and not least. We found a crucifix and my babe says all religious things deserve respect. So, this rusted crucifix is there to remind us to be thankful for all of the blessings in our life.

We never use our drawers the way we are supposed to, so here is drawer #1.


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