Party at Jonny’s

It is #BlogBattle Tuesday again!!! Join the Fun! This week’s word is Madness.

“Dude, this party is going to be so wicked!” Jonny tells Jake as he puts on his favorite AC/DC t-shirt on. He then throws jeans at him. “Come on!!! Molly is going to be here.” Jacob puts on his jeans groaning…“I’m sick of these parties and you always end up too messed up to clean up.”

“Dude, I’ve got you covered, I used dad’s card and ordered a clean up service for tomorrow, so we can get away with murder if we want to.” Jake doesn’t like when he talks that way, it only means that he’s really up to no good. “Throw everything under the bed so we don’t have to bother with it later.” Jake sighs and does what he’s told.

The bell rings…“THE PARTIERS ARE HERE!!!” Jonny jumps and runs to answer the door. “Heeeeeeey, thanks for bringing your friends dude!”

“It’s Craig, not dude. We just wanted to see if your parties are really not lame like you say.” He pushes Jonny out of the way as his friends make their way to the living room. “Where’s your tunage?” Jonny points at the Pod connected to the boom box. “Just like I said, lame.”

Ignoring him, he starts taking the party cups and drinks out of the cabinets. He takes the soda bottles and dumps 1/4 of the contents into the punch bowl to add a little fizz. He opens his backpack and puts party hats on top of the entrance table in this order exactly: party hats, cups, soda, punch and chips. “Lame!” Craig calls out.

Meanwhile, upstairs Jake is cleaning his room obsessively. “Molly is going to be here.” He take sheets out of the linen closet and throws the dirty ones down the laundry shoot. Before he throws the pillow case down, he wiped off all of the dust he can see. “Molly’s going to be here.” He throws the pillow case down and runs to Jonny’s drawer where he sprays one too many sprays of Adidas cologne and an extra spray on his bed for good measure. He jumps at the sound of the doorbell and says to himself, “be strong”, takes a deep breath and downstairs he goes.

It is crazy how quickly the house filled up with people, there was no room to walk, no room to breath. The music was thumping as loud as the boom-box would go. Bodies everywhere, fists pumping at the beat, a line a mile long for the bathroom. Girls hurdled in groups, guys placing bets on the football game playing on the big screen TV. But there she was at the corner, Molly. Cup in one hand, munching on chips with the other while talking to her friends. Too many people to see their faces, but he could recognize her anywhere, almost as if they were linked mentally. He takes a deep breath to get some nerve only to have a coughing fit, creating attention to himself, not the good kind. Molly looks at him while her friends stare laughing, raising an eyebrow and turning back to her friends. “He’s so weird” says one friend. “Yeah, he’s always talking to himself” says the other as they hurdle in a circle to talk some more.

Jonny hurries to the front door to pay for the pizza he ordered. “That will be $222.49” He hands over his dad’s card and gives him a $50 tip. “Thanks Dude” says the delivery man gratefully. They high five and Jonny closes the door. “Foooooood is here!!!!” Jonny grabs his slices before they are gone.

Walking through dancing bodies is no easy task with pizza and two full cups, but Jake manages to get to Molly without a spill. “Uh, hey!” he says spilling some of the drinks. “Hi!” Molly replies while her girlfriends leave laughing. “So, uh, I thought you might be hungry and need a refill” he says spilling some more. “Thanks, you didn’t have to do that” She puts her cup under the new one and grabs a slice. “You look nice!”…He bites. “Thanks, you know…you should chew with your mouth closed.” Embarrassed he says “Yeah, my mom tells me that all of the time.” Wiping food off that came from his mouth, they get interrupted by a brawl…

Everyone is trying to see what is going on. “WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN HIT ON MY GIRLFRIEND?!?” Craig has Jonny by the shirt. “Dude, you were single 5 minutes ago, it’s a party, I just want to have a little fun.”

“NOT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!!!” Craig throws a swing.

“Can you hear me?”

As if nothing happened he says “Dude, that party was wicked!!!”

“You are at the hospital, you’ve been sleeping for three days.”

“Dude, last thing I remember…um…that…he punched me!”

“Is that what happened?”

“Dude…yeah… it was a wicked party!!! Where is my brother…Jake!!!” he calls out.

“You mean Jacob.” he writes a couple of notes.

“No, mom calls him Jacob, I call him Jake.”

“You mean, your mom calls you Jacob…John Jacob.” Puzzled Jonny looks at the doctor. “Jonny, my name is Dr.Wilson and I have been your doctor for the past 3 years. You suffer from multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia. You like us to call you Jonny most days, some days Jake, sometimes Craig and even…Molly.”

Jonny’s nerves getting the best of him, he hugs his knees and stares into blank space.

“Hi Jake, I’m Doctor Wilson…”

I hope you like the madness!!!



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