After Vaccines

My big boy took his shots with an “ow” and moved along. My little guy’s second shot made him cry. My big guy sprung into action and brought him a triceratops sticker, when that did not completely stop the bottom lip quiver, which I couldn’t stop kissing. Big guy brought him 2 more.

Of course, in times of booboos there must be pampering and rewards for their superman strength and bravery. So the boys requested chicken wings and chicken fingers which of course, there must be French fries! Here is a photo of my boys.


Although, the sadness did not end there, they requested to talk to Grandma over their awful shots and Grandma & Papa came right over to kiss those boo boos. I wish I had grandparents who’d kiss my boo boos.

A couple Popsicles later, we went on a nature walk and Geocaching on the way.


We saw beaver dams and I was able to teach them a little bit about wildlife. They did get crabby, but I found a way to make our way back fun. There was A LOT of geese poop on the trail so I would yell, “Jump! ” and we hopped over the landmines.

We then went to grandma’s house, where the boys decided to stay for a couple of hours. Babe and I went for coffee and we went for a nice walk, and went back to grandma’s.


TV and popcorn… Grandma and Papa are the best!

We went home and my key broke in the lock, but still got in.

After storytime, I had to kill a spider 😵, kissed the booboos and we called it a day.

Tomorrow holds the promise of another fun day.

Good night, good morning world!


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