Mother’s Day

I spent most of my day in bed yesterday. I ended up with a toothache and stomach ache. So my sweet husband took care of the kids while I slept.

My boys gave me the coolest card and gifts.


The boys picked shirts for me. Big guy got me a pink “pocket” shirt. My little guy bought a pink Superman shirt that he’s been promising me since last summer. And my Babe, a shirt with the American flag, which I have been wanting forever. Plus a pink Swiss Army key ring because my boys think I am cool.

We did get to watch Mocking Jay and cuddled which made my day nice.

We then went to Papa and Grandma’s house in which I attempted to eat, but was unable to. So I just sat there trying not to be a party pooper.

I am so hungry right now, so tired…I moved my dentist appointment for tomorrow. I drank some chocolate milk, and am on my way to pick up pain reliever from the dentist office.

Today, will be a better day and tomorrow, even better.

Have a beautiful day my WordPress friends!


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. That card is drawn in children’s-style, but you can actually see real expressivity in those characters. His name is Frank? Seems you’re set for life in the Fine Art department. You should send him to after-school art classes 😀


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