Get Rid of it!!! Day 66

So I worked on two drawers… (Sigh) not much fun…it wore me out (mentally). Why do we have so much stuff?


Drawer #3… Wrappers, craft things, electronics, a bunch of brand new batteries…old chargers to who knows what and blah, blah and more blah.

Drawer #4…I did not take a photo of, but looked as equally packed, ugh!  While going through both drawers, I got rid of all of the garbage. This drawer though, had all of my craft stuff that I use to make cards and little gifts I make called “I love you” presents with. I have a craft bin which is currently empty, so I put most of my craft stuff in the bag along with all of the stuff that was questionable to sort later.


This is a lot bigger than what it looks(unfortunately).


This what drawer #3 looks like as of now (I took the iPod out), I made it a battery and playing card drawer…the other drawer was too small for all of the batteries, but I will be emptying this when I clean up the the other drawers.

Drawer #4 is currently empty…


Until, I organize everything in the bag…I will not touch a drawer again.


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