Cottage Day

It always take us forever to get out of the house. An hour and a half today, but we woke up late (10am) I stayed up till 3am reading.


Good read… I could stop reading it. We went to Trader Joe’s where I purchased oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, mandarin chicken, bread and cookies for my neighbor. Then we went to the cottage at the beach. Everyone painted…


I cooked (rice, stir fry and mandarin chicken), took my big guy on a stroller ride where he snoozed peacefully, we went to the beach where I had a drink my momma in-law made me…


Watched the boys holding hands helping each other looking for beach glass. We cooked hot dogs in a fire we built, ate coffee cake with ice cream.

A great day if you ask me. I did have some technical difficulties, but it’s fixed.


Little guy was giving our worn out Cole a check up…. And now we are all snuggling.

This sweet tart just said “God bless you mommy!” How blessed I am to have such a beautiful family!


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