Full Weekend

This was one full weekend. It was a little frustrating because my WordPress doesn’t work well at the cottage because of the Canadian towers nor at the cabin because of being so deep on the woods.

We went to the cottage to paint, which you already know about that. Yesterday, we went to the cabin to open it up for the summer.


Here is my big guy getting the boards out with mommy. We then took a break and my crazy children went into the freezing creek.


Brrrr. You cannot pay me to do that.


“Look mama, a caterpillar!” We also saw fish and a toad.


What a peaceful, beautiful place. After a great BBQ, we went back to the cottage to go to bed.

Today, I took no photos… We had omelets and French toast for breakfast, then we went to the beach where we found a ton of beach glass and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the beach.

After all of that fun, we went to our cousins house to meet their new baby boy. The kids played in the pool and we enjoyed good ol American burgers.

It’s been a good weekend… Now back to the grind as I go back to cleaning, fixing, getting rid of and living in my own house. (For the next four days at least)


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