Long Day

I cannot even tell you guys of the day I had. I think I am moody…everything is driving nutty, the toys, the clothes, the kitchen…oy…I need a vacation.

I tried to get out of the house early, and I did, but not early enough for me. I  dropped off an overdue library book (oops). Then went to registration at the school to register big guy for homeschooling. Went and got a Geocache and then went to the museum.


My little sweet face on the left there is going through the seeing how far he can push my button stage. So, after a warning, and a timeout…he tried me again and so we went home.

I tried to get him to sleep but sweet face on the right was pushing his brother’s buttons, after a morning of being bugged by sweet face on the left.

So the kids played outside while I baked bread! Then soccer practice was a no go for little guy as he cried because he wanted to play catch, and he wanted his brother (he was tired). So we went to the van.

Big guy practice was great!


I know it’s far, but he was the goalie and caught 3 out of the 4 balls that went his way.


There he is… He had a great time. After that, we went to the bookstore, came home, had some awesome toast with cheese and off to bed.

It was a good day! Even though I wanted to run away for part of it.

How was your day?


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