Change of Name

Okay, my awesome WordPress friends, I have been changing my account because truthfully, I am a little confused as to what I want…not from my blog, but for the name. At one point, I did not want my family or friends to find my blog. My life in a sense has been dealing with them and I just needed something for me, my space. Without their unwanted opinions, without feeling like I am the conversation because my point of view does not align, but now I do not care about that at all. I have changed the look, I have changed “my name”.

At first, I had my name as Jahaira (my real name), then I changed it to YaYa says. That one is a nickname my cousin I hadn’t seen in over a decade, started to call me since reuniting with him a couple months ago. I feel funny about nicknames, even though I have a ton. Jari, Jay, Jaharlemworld, Yaya, Babe, Hydrangea, Dot, JahairaScope and Legs. I am sure there are more…

I am hoping you can help me decide what I should do, so here is a poll. Feel free to add your own opinion on the comments.

Thanks a Million in advance…


2 thoughts on “Change of Name

  1. Good for you! It’s great to find your place and what you want in life! In my opinion the name is kind of irrelevant except for your own preference. It’s more about the content and what you have to say:)

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