What’s Up Doc?

Got so much laundry done, it feels good. Although, I have this feeling that I can get rid of more clothes. Either that, or I am going overboard… We can get rid of more.

I made the boys French toast on the bread I made, while I had a bean and egg wrap. The boys wolfed them down and asked for more. Yay!

We did some academic work and I decided to let them watch some Barney & Friends. I cleaned the kitchen and got ready for my dentist appointment.

The boys went with the grandparents, I got fixed up, went to register my big guy for homeschooling. Then went home and made spaghetti sauce with chicken breast.


I put habanero pepper flakes my papa in law made us and wondered ‘why i keep torturing myself’, it’s so spicy. Because I love it! That’s why!

Then, I had a doctors appointment in which he got upset that I did not want to get the Tdap vaccine. I have my reasons and one is that this country like to stick you with any kind of medication that they can come up with. I wouldn’t put it past them trying to find something to inject you with just for having a cold.

Anyway, Babe had the boys now an hour away. So I had alone time, can you believe it?

Between the aggravation from my appointment and the fact that I don’t know what to do with myself without the boys. I had to ask… “What do I do?”

I went to the bookstore, grabbed a bunch of books and sat there reading about homeschooling, baking bread and how the Japanese de-clutter.

I went to Trade Joes and went home.

I made toast before bed…IT’S SO DELICIOUS! I cannot even believe it! It tasted good fresh off the oven. WHY HAVE I BOUGHT BREAD ALL THESE YEARS?

Now, I am cross-eyed! Good night world! May you have peace in your heart!


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