Family Work Day

After breakfast, we all got busy working on the back porch. We washed the walls…


My little guy washed the floor too. Meanwhile…


My big guy procrastinated.

We painted the walls, my in-laws came over and brought us red sauce which was awesome and we got back to work.


Yes, the boys helped. Aren’t they doing such a great job?


There’s my babe, being awesome and painting the ceiling for me. 😘 Because he’s so awesome, I made him his fave, pizza with honey sesame crust.


Wanting to use the paint we already had, we tried experimenting…


No, no, no! So we mixed yellows we already had for a softer yellow and ditched the forest green. What we ended up getting was the yellow the porch had when we bought the house… (Sigh). What can we do?

So, primer… Coat one, two, three… A couple meltdowns, a headache, a discussion, a bug attack and a booboo, it was 11pm and this is what we have…



I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, living room, took a shower, read my little guy a story, and I made it to bed at midnight… So here I am.

The ceiling will need another coat, the window trim needs paint and the floor needs to be finished. But it won’t be tomorrow… I promised a full day of fun and that is what we are going to do!


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