Saturday “Fitness” Summary

Ohhh, how I have been procrastinating… As strange as it sounds, I’ve lost weight, but I am thicker than what I was (ugh). How can that be? I’ve been working out and my stomach looks better than before. Soooo I am starting my record tracking again. How I wished I had a fitness band (it motivates me). But I am not paying for Body Media… So it’s up to me and Myfitnesspal to work this.



This is not exact because I ate sauce with sausage twice, but just put it under one entry. Same with the pizza, but that is because I am exhausted. I had about four cups of water.

I didn’t necessarily exercised, but I was working all day painting… So that has to count for something.

I promise to get more organized, but I needed to get started now.

Have sweet dreams & a lovely day,


6 thoughts on “Saturday “Fitness” Summary

  1. OMG you are going all healthy on me! I trained every week for two years awhile ago and was at my heaviest???? Never understood how I could be so fit and jump up a dress size! Since ditching exercise (I did those exercise things on springs and you jump around on ski boots) I have been at my slimmest???


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