Please Don’t Forget

We got a phone call that my father in law lost time in memory. That he couldn’t remember a couple years. So babe went to meet his parents at the hospital.

Is he going to be okay? Did he have a stroke? Did he forget the boys? Did he forget… me? His Jahaira-Scope?

I don’t even know how to explain the fear that I am experiencing. My great grandmother whom I was very close to…forgot who I was. She was 106 and I was 8, but that stayed with me. My father in law is someone I am really close to and I am afraid he will forget me and the boys, we love him so much.

Amnesia… Doctors say that his memory with come back. That he will be okay. But that doesn’t mean anything to me. What caused it? Is it going to happen again? They are going to do MRI.

He remembered the boys. He didn’t forget them. How could he anyway? No one loves Papa like my boys! They are his favorite person in the whole wide world. His brain is the one acting up, not his heart… And there is where he holds my boys, I’m sure of it.

Bits and pieces came back rapidly, but he still doesn’t remember the last vacation we took. And other they kept him over night. My love stayed with him also, but his phone died.

I know nothing….

The phone rang as I wrote that last line. He remembers everything, except when he started to lose his memory. And now he’s creating memories. So they are sending him home…

Still, something bothers me, why did it happen? Was it stress? I don’t know…

I call him Papa… But he is more than my kids grandfather. He’s someone I love with all of my heart. He’s what my dad never had the chance to be. Even if he ends up forgetting me, I hope his heart never let’s go of the love I have for him. For deep, deep down, when I call him Papa, I truly am calling him daddy!


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