Sealed with a Kiss

As I clutch what feels like 500 pound worth of textbooks, I stop dead on my tracks. There he is… walking… my way. James Johnson. He has these deep blue eyes, and a sideway smirk that makes my knees weak.


Did he just say “hi” to me? Respond, say something, Taaaalk. “Um, hi!” Smooth Liz. Duck your head and walk away. Walk,walk,walk.


I froze in place feeling like I’m going to vomit and slowly turned around.

“You going to class, right?” He said with that heart melting smirk.

“Yeah.” why wouldn’t I?

“You swimming today?”

I forgot about swimming… “Yeah… Are you?” I look at my shoes, avoiding his eyes… I’m uncomfortable.

“I was considering skipping, but… wanna be partners?”

“What about your horde of girlfriends?” That came out wrong. He raises his eyebrow at me his smirk morphed into a full smile.

“I dumped them all, just so we can be partners in class.”

We both laugh. “Alright, see you in class.” I walk away, I don’t want to let him know how jello he makes me. He always has.

Six o’clock couldn’t come fast enough… I ran back to my dorm where I tore the place apart looking for my bathing suit completely ignoring my roomie.

“Psycho much? I just cleaned, you know… Like 5 minutes ago.” She sounds so aggravated.

“Sorry Mish, but J.J. just asked me if we could be partners at swi-”

“WAIT…. J.J. as in James Johnson?” She was now on top of her bed. “What about his hordies?” She asked amused.

I couldn’t help but laugh…”I asked him about it, it just slipped out and he said heeeeeee DUMPED THEM TO BE MY PARTNER!!! ”

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” We scream as we jump on top of the bed.

“Okay-okay-okay…. Get out of here before you’re late! Later, you are going to tell me all about it while you clean this mess.” Her face lit up.

“See ya later roomie!” I literally ran to class and nearly slam right into him. “Sorry.”

“How come we stopped hanging out?” His question threw me off.

“You mean like after middle school?” That was like… 5 years ago.

“Yeah, we always had fun” he looked hurt. Which made me angry.

“Once we got into High School, you had a bunch of girlfriends which hated me. You stopped talking to ME. Why are you even asking me?!?”

“Because you were with Brandon and he knew I liked you. He knew I was going to ask you to… Anyway, when I came back from vacation… you were together.”

Fuming I held my anger, instead I whispered. “We were NOT TOGETHER, we were friends. Besides, he told me you were going to ask my sister out.You could have told me, instead of just ignoring me.”

“What difference would it make anyway?”

“I have missed you this whole time! Wondering why you would like my sister and not me.” I am glaring at him now.

“J.J., We need to talk.” We both look at Jessa and her horde.

Tears start prickling my eyes as I turn away and I hear him turn away himself.

No way am I going to let this happen. Not after my feelings where reawakened. I turn around and pace toward them. “Excuse me.”

“Remember the surprise game we played? We’d closed our eyes, opened our hand and we’d give each other something we’d have to guess what it was with our eyes closed?”

He nods.

“Close your eyes.”

“But I don’t have anything to give you.”

My stare made him immediately do as I said and he closed his eyes.

Before courage escaped me, I kissed him very softly on the lips. I backed off… But he just stood there with a weird look on his face. So I kissed him again. “I gave you a kiss, so you can hopefully feel how much I have always cared. I am not asking for anything back. You can go with Le’ Miz over there.” I turn around and walked away.

I walk away, pretending to be  cool, but my heart was going a million miles per hour. I just had my fist kiss in college…and it wasn’t exactly what I expected. but I don’t know what to expect. Fireworks, sirens? (Sigh). There I go, I gave it away and now I just pray for the best.

Class was a breeze…No matter how much I try to swim to the bottom of the pool, my tush floats to the top. So since I no longer qualify for my lifeguarding certification, I just played the victim. I got to “yell” for help and people in class saved me.

Walking back to the cafeteria, I start thinking about the menu. It is Thursday…roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, sa-

“Liz!!! Liz!!!” He runs right in front of me.

“We need to go back…” he looks crazed. I have  nothing to say. “I didn’t get to give you something when we played the game. Close your eyes, give me your hand.” I do as told. “I am sorry I can’t give you my heart, I already gave it away.” Tears start coming straight from my heart as he says this. “I already gave it to you the day we met, so all I can give you is a promise, I promise that we are going to be the best of friends again, that we are going to have fun just like we used to, that I will never let you go again.” It was then that I felt his lips on mine, soft and sweet. I opened my eyes.


“Sealed it with a kiss.” He smiled and extended his hand. It was as sweet as when we were kids.

#BlogBattle Tuesday by Rachel Ritchie.

Today’s word is Horde.

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