Get Rid of it!!! Day 86

Yesterday, after a little “talk” with Babe, I went a little crazy. I sent him alone to soccer practice with the boys while I stayed home and cleaned the house. In super sonic speed. I literally got rid of everything that was out of place. Two garbage bags full. I just really have had enough of trying to find a place for a bunch of useless things.

Today, I did more laundry and got rid of more stuff, I just kept putting things in bags. I need my life to be easier. I need less stuff, we need less stuff. I am sick of the clutter!

No photos to share because getting my phone would have killed my momentum. But overall, it feels so good to get rid of it all!

My Fitness Summary

The past week, I have not been eating good, skipping meals, skipping workouts. And truly, it had been just aggravating. Although, I have been working very hard on the house which includes physical labor. I still miss my Zumba and yoga. It makes me cranky.

I am hoping to make it to yoga tomorrow and Zumba in the pm.

Today, I ate 900 calories… Not enough food. I was busy getting the laundry done, getting called by the boys every five minutes. My brain scattered.

Gotta get it together my friends.

To better days…