My Fitness Summary

The past week, I have not been eating good, skipping meals, skipping workouts. And truly, it had been just aggravating. Although, I have been working very hard on the house which includes physical labor. I still miss my Zumba and yoga. It makes me cranky.

I am hoping to make it to yoga tomorrow and Zumba in the pm.

Today, I ate 900 calories… Not enough food. I was busy getting the laundry done, getting called by the boys every five minutes. My brain scattered.

Gotta get it together my friends.

To better days…


4 thoughts on “My Fitness Summary

  1. If we all on the fitness journey did not have days or a week or more like this, we would all be perfect. I think that those bad days are a wake up sign . It happens. It is about the journey. I am sure you will get yo the destination. Keep at it and Dont give up 🙂


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