Get Rid of it!!! Day 87

I’ve been very stingy with photos lately, I have been leaving my phone on the table and going with my day. I don’t want this phone attached to me, I don’t want WordPress in my mind while I am playing with my kids. So I put the phone down.

I cleaned my back yard today and anything that I found in my way, I got rid of. Mostly toys. It has really become almost a stress reliever. I get rid of something and I could almost breath better! So nice!

I made it to yoga yesterday. I didn’t eat breakfast because I did not want to be late, but I couldn’t keep a pose up. My balance was really off.

I went grocery shopping and stayed in my under $60 budget since tomorrow is payday and we don’t want to use the credit card. Wooohooo!

We then went for a walk where I pulled the kinds in a wagon.. It was so heavy! Them went to the park, kids played soccer, played she’s and ladders at home. More laundry, then bed.

Today I called my Mami… For three hours I think we talked. We don’t talk often because I don’t want to annoy her, but when we do talk, we cover everything from important such as the kids to the stupid things like a worm pulled out of this boys eye in Guatemala or something… (Ew).

I activated my Facebook to send my friends Mom, sister and ex-girlfriend an email. Her son, someone super special to me died a year ago today. It hasn’t been easy, but I just want them to know that I love them. Mom gave me advice for she has sensed something has been wrong with me. I wish I could visit her often.

I put the pool up for the kids, still filling up as we speak, cleaned the backyard, pulled weeds… Read the boys stories now here I am.

Going to check my Facebook one last time before I deactivate it again.