June Madness

It has been quite the week, month…busy, busy. While trying to enjoy this weather after this awful winter, house projects are just on the rise. The month of June has been crazy every year. Birthdays and Father’s Day take over our world. Ten gifts I have to think of for this month alone! The horrible part of it is that every year in June I am so stressed out about the gifts for the people here, I always forget my Parents! It’s so sickening to me. People tell me it’s because they are so far away, but to me…it’s no excuse. I just want it all to go away. Here is my list…


Mother In-law-birthday

Twin Girls (nieces)- birthday

Father’s Day-

Husband, My Dad, Father in-law, kids uncle.


I am definitely missing someone…something…

I seriously go through insanity in June and December!!! I am DONE!!! No one needs anything…the gifts are always  tossed aside and tucked away to who knows where after all of the effort I put into them. So, I have my mom and dads name ONLY on my list. Until I send their gifts…No one is getting a thought. I am going to do one thing at a time, so I don’t fry my brain.

Since we are no longer doing expensive things because we are NOT using our credit cards any longer. I have been making gifts…Hand made things by my boys and I. Cookies, photo books, calendars…Except what the heck do I make for 5 year old twin girls?!? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! See, I can’t even stop!!!

(Deep Breath) I know my mommy just loves when I draw her things…so I am going to draw her something and send her pics of us!!! She will love it!!!

My Daddy loves showing off photos of the boys to EVERYONE!!! So….I am going to pick our best recent picks and send them off to Puerto Rico!!! Of course, for both, the boys and I will make a card!

Seriously, why is it so hard to figure that out?!? My parents are the easiest! Wish I could send my dad plane tickets to visit! I would love to see him…(sigh). My boys would love to see them!!!

Yes, I know this post is crazy…but that is how my mind gets in June…overloaded.


Sooooo, I have always loved thunderstorms. So beautiful, relaxing, an excuse to cuddle.

Well, while sitting here doing mindless searching for cool father’s day presents. It started to rain. Then thunder… “Alright” I thought. It’s rare to have thunderstorms here so I enjoy them. That is until I saw a huge flash of light next to the window and all of a sudden, thunder shook my stone house.
Freaked out, I ran upstairs. Babe was awake… He said the room flashed orange.

I got my flashlight, in case we lose power and checked the house for leaking and possible fire and I don’t know what else. Cole, my awesome dog came downstairs and scoped the place out too.

Everything looked good, so we went upstairs turning on lights as we went and off as we left. If I were alone, all of the lights would be on right now.

One weird thing though, my dog is not acting scared, but he won’t stop shaking. I have him cuddled up with me, keeping me warm, but I know him… As soon as I get relaxed, he’ll start passing gas. Yuck! But I guess I’ll have to deal with it because I don’t want him leaving my side.

Seriously, the older I get… The wimpier I seem to get.

Toughen up woman, you have boys to raise.

Sheesh…I hope I can sleep now.