Giddy Up!

“‘I’ll make sure to set you up with someone who’ll show you the ropes. That’s what he said to me and then paired me with Gero.”

“No way, he didn’t! Gero! After HE took your job at the last ranch!!!” Sara still chewing her steak. “Then what happened?!?”

“I walked the walk, cool as a cucumber-“

“Uh-huh, in other words you tripped and made a fool out of yourself.” I hate how she chews one bite 50 million times.

“Anyway, I went around, introducing myself, making a good impression. You know, this ain’t my first rodeo. I even had girls swooning over me, you know?”

“Poor things, they don’t know any better.”

“Will you just swallow already? And listen, I’m a great catch! I mean… That’s how I got you, didn’t I? You fell right into my arms and stayed there when I lassoed you!”

“Yeah Bill, but that because I didn’t know any better.” I watch her swallow her third bite in 30 minutes, wondering why I always invite her out to eat. Oooooh that woman really know how to make a man crazy!

“Sara, why is it that after all of these years, you’re still single?” This is the fastest bite I see her swallow, it must be a personal record.

“Bill, what in the world are you talking about, crazy old man! There is no other cowboy that can tie this gal up like Cowboy Bill.” 

“I thought you said you know better.” 

“I never said that, I said back then I didn’t know better, I never said I learned anything.” We lock eyes.

The doors open breaking our gaze… “Okay you two! Lunch break is over! 3 o’clock rodeo starts in 15 minutes… Bill, you’re up with Sara. Sara, you’ll be in the saloon. Bill, you’ll be replacing Gero.”

“Sure thing boss, but why?” I can see that Sara wants to know too.

“The man done lassoed Bucky instead of Boots and the bull done hurt him good. He’s going to be out for a while! You’re lucky break Bill.” He walks out.

“Well Sara, looks like it’s you and me at the ranch just like the old times.”

“We have a conversation pending.”

“Dinner at Rowdies?”

“Giddy Up Cowboy.”


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“For You Momma”

The boys always make pictures for everyone, but me. (With the exception of this Mother’s Day!) They are always with me, so I understand…they never get the chance to miss me.

Today, while making Birthday cards for Grandma, my little guy did his first picture of a person EVER! It was of Grandma for Grandma. I’m sure she is going to LOVE it.

He then, made one for Daddy of Daddy. Great! Father’s Day… He’s going to LOVE it. Then I hear…. “For you momma!”


“Beautiful, baby,” I say teary eyed. He then says, “You see your beautiful hair?”😭 pass me a tissue please, I just received the most priceless drawing of my life!

Of course because of my reaction, my big guy had to follow suit…” Here mommy, I wrote my name on it too!”


“I love it! Thank you!”

Today, my beautiful readers, marks the day I received the most beautiful drawings EVER!!!

Get Rid of it!!! Day 92

I have pens, pencils and more stationary to last me the rest of my life. Even though I still have a lot in my stash, there has been a lot of improvement.


I started with this huge pile.

After some sorting… This is what I came up with.


I am keeping what’s in the bin on the top. The the ones below it, are going to donations. The ones on the left pile do not work so I am wondering how to dispose of them.

I think I made a dent on my stationary.

Why a 15 year old decided to build bikes from bamboo in Ghana

No one can make your dreams come true for you!!!

Nappy Newz

A young Ghanaian entrepreneur, Winifred Selby, co-started Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative when she was just 15. The award winning company makes bicycles out of bamboo and has caught the attention of global organisations. This is what she had to say about what motivated her.

Her answer? She was fed-up. Whilst at school Selby discovered a number of things about Ghana, and the continent in general, that deeply upset her.

“I always say Africans are the richest… there are so many things we have and can add value to make a change. But Africans always seem to think they cannot do something extraordinary, but rather only people from foreign countries can,” she said sternly.

“It’s so sad and so serious that a common toothpick in my country has to be imported from other countries. We don’t do it ourselves because we look down on ourselves… We think foreigners are the people to make changes. It’s…

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