“For You Momma”

The boys always make pictures for everyone, but me. (With the exception of this Mother’s Day!) They are always with me, so I understand…they never get the chance to miss me.

Today, while making Birthday cards for Grandma, my little guy did his first picture of a person EVER! It was of Grandma for Grandma. I’m sure she is going to LOVE it.

He then, made one for Daddy of Daddy. Great! Father’s Day… He’s going to LOVE it. Then I hear…. “For you momma!”


“Beautiful, baby,” I say teary eyed. He then says, “You see your beautiful hair?”😭 pass me a tissue please, I just received the most priceless drawing of my life!

Of course because of my reaction, my big guy had to follow suit…” Here mommy, I wrote my name on it too!”


“I love it! Thank you!”

Today, my beautiful readers, marks the day I received the most beautiful drawings EVER!!!


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