Giddy Up!

“‘I’ll make sure to set you up with someone who’ll show you the ropes. That’s what he said to me and then paired me with Gero.”

“No way, he didn’t! Gero! After HE took your job at the last ranch!!!” Sara still chewing her steak. “Then what happened?!?”

“I walked the walk, cool as a cucumber-“

“Uh-huh, in other words you tripped and made a fool out of yourself.” I hate how she chews one bite 50 million times.

“Anyway, I went around, introducing myself, making a good impression. You know, this ain’t my first rodeo. I even had girls swooning over me, you know?”

“Poor things, they don’t know any better.”

“Will you just swallow already? And listen, I’m a great catch! I mean… That’s how I got you, didn’t I? You fell right into my arms and stayed there when I lassoed you!”

“Yeah Bill, but that because I didn’t know any better.” I watch her swallow her third bite in 30 minutes, wondering why I always invite her out to eat. Oooooh that woman really know how to make a man crazy!

“Sara, why is it that after all of these years, you’re still single?” This is the fastest bite I see her swallow, it must be a personal record.

“Bill, what in the world are you talking about, crazy old man! There is no other cowboy that can tie this gal up like Cowboy Bill.” 

“I thought you said you know better.” 

“I never said that, I said back then I didn’t know better, I never said I learned anything.” We lock eyes.

The doors open breaking our gaze… “Okay you two! Lunch break is over! 3 o’clock rodeo starts in 15 minutes… Bill, you’re up with Sara. Sara, you’ll be in the saloon. Bill, you’ll be replacing Gero.”

“Sure thing boss, but why?” I can see that Sara wants to know too.

“The man done lassoed Bucky instead of Boots and the bull done hurt him good. He’s going to be out for a while! You’re lucky break Bill.” He walks out.

“Well Sara, looks like it’s you and me at the ranch just like the old times.”

“We have a conversation pending.”

“Dinner at Rowdies?”

“Giddy Up Cowboy.”


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