Ginger, this one is for you!

I wasn’t going to have a garden this year, but our oregano, sage and mint came back on their own. Then my momma in-law sent over tomato plants, peppers, eggplant, parsley, and basil.


Also, that little green on the bottom is celery.


We bought a stalk, cut the bottom off and planted it. Last year we ended up with a huge bush! If you look in the middle, you can see it’s starting to grow already. You can also do this with lettuce!

We also have an apple and fig tree. I really wanted to do cucumbers, but I could not find the seeds. Oh well, maybe next year!

6 thoughts on “Garden

  1. Gotta love those residual plants. My Dad had planted asparagus in one of his gardens, and even after he could no longer care for any, they kept coming back years following.
    Hope yours continues to produce for you! (Ha, I said “produce” when talking about produce. 😀 )


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