Mirror Challenge

There is no doubt that we live in a body image obsessed world. I saw a video on yahoo about what happens when people don’t look in the mirror for a week. I instantly thought, I can do that with out a problem… Until I tried it.

So I go to brush my teeth and even though I don’t look up, I think… How do I know if my teeth are white enough? I get over it and move along.

On my way out of the bathroom, I pass a long mirror… And think, the only time I look at this mirror is to look where I need work, which is my bottom half. Regardless, I don’t look, but that stays on my mind.

We are heading out the door so I go to brush my hair… How am I supposed to know if my baby hairs are down? But I have these baby hairs that stick as of I just got an electric shock. This is why you see the Puerto Ricans with 5 lbs of hairspray on. I don’t wear hairspray or I simply would have put some on. So, I looked in the mirror for my 30 second pony tail and went off. I only care that I don’t look crazy.

Other than that, I am okay with not looking in the mirror, although every time I passed one, I thought about it. We’ll see how the rest of week goes.


Yesterday, the boys said they wanted to make bracelets. So we went to Michael’s to buy some supplies. Daddy new about these, but I was clueless.

So last night before bed we watched daddy work his magic.



My boys were making some too. So it doubled as a craft and presents. We made one for my mom and one for my dad!!!


Ta-daaaahhh!!! So pretty!!!


Here is big guy’s Batman bracelet.


And little guys Spiderman bracelet.

Now, all I have to do is print some photos and I am done with my parents presents so I can move onto everyone else! Yay!  Wooohooo!

Do you know of any craft that would make a great gift? If so, let me know!




The Creative Blogger Award Rules:

Here go the rules:
1. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.
2. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3. Share five random facts about yourself.

5 Facts about me:

I want to go to Italy to stuff my face.

I do not like being in the dark.

I would love to live in a place where the temperature is always 75 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

I wish we could buy patience in a bottle, because I need some…lol.

I am really upset that the Indian restaurant Star of India is no longer there…very sad.

If you are reading this, I am nominating you! I follow a bunch of Creative Bloggers and they all deserve this award!!!

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,


Sisterhood of the World Blogger!!!


I was nominated by “Hey Little Sweet Thing” I want to apologize for taking so long to do this! I also want to say Thank You!!! Now, her title says it all, not only does she post the sweetest desserts, she also post about the sweet things in her life. You must check out her page!!! Here below, are ten questions she posted for me to answer.

1- What got you into writing your blog?

My life being all about family, I felt the need to find my own space away from it. Where I could share my ideas, be inspired and maybe inspire others. 
2- If you could only eat ONE flavour of ice cream for the rest of your life.. what would it be?

Before, I would have said chocolate, but after 32 year, I am going to change to vanilla. You can ANYTHING to Vanilla ice-cream.
3- What do you hope to achieve through blogging (stolen from Thea!)

So far, I have been achieving more than what I thought, I have made blogging friends I can safe say, we feed off of each other and support each other. But I do hope to figure out my life a little more…it seems like by writing things down, and hearing feedback, you learn about yourself and other’s point of view, so I feel like I am growing more open which to me, is exciting.
4- What’s the genre of music that you listen to the most and why? Does it calm you, amp you up etc?

I love R&B which really calms me down. But Zumba and HipHop with only clean lyrics amp me up while I am cleaning. 
5- What’s your favourite social media app? Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc, Leave your link so we can all follow you!

I left social media! I had Facebook, but people have become so petty! it seems that people are not allowed to have their own opinions anymore. People being hateful. It really is funny how people say “there’s two sides of the story”, but jump the bandwagon as soon as the media posts something. I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

6- What is your all time favourite book?

I can’t remember right now, must be because I am tired. But I have a little book shelf with my favorite books and I cannot remember one that is in there, (sigh). But I do love Eat, Pray, Love.
7- Do you have a bucket list? If so, whats #1?

If I had a bucket list my #1 would be swim with a dolphin!!!

8- What is your absolute favourite meal to cook?

I make a mean lasagna, but I don’t make it often.
9- If you could be an animal (RAWR!!!), what animal would you be and why?

What would I be?!? Hm, this is tough.. I’m going to have to say a Bald Eagle because they are on top of the food chain and the are protected by the Government here, at least I think they are. So I would love to fly and be free.

10- Are you a sweet or savoury kinda person?

People tend to tell me I am sweet, so I guess I’m going to go with that answer.

Now, I am supposed to pick people and nominate them, but I have amazing Bloggers on my list. So, if you read this…I NOMINATE YOU!!! You can refuse or you can copy and paste this and answer the questions if you chose to. You may nominate 5 people and ask them question of your choosing, of if you are like me, make this fit you! Don’t forget to Link Back so that we can read your awesome answers!!!

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,