Scary Encounter

We went to a birthday party and after coming home, we decided to go to the cottage on the beach to spend the next few days there.

Once we get there, we realized we had left our keys, but after a trick or two we know since we are fixing the place up, we managed to get in.

“What somebody forgot to hide the keys?”

Startled, I see our neighbor Ray smoking a cigarette in the dark!

“Hi! How are you?” I say reluctantly, Ray is known for being brute and saying mean things.

“Is that that nasty dog?” He asks…

“No, this is Cole, he’s very nice. But his brother Jay is all bark, he’s a good dog. So, how have you been?”

“You can’t trust a dog like that. I have guests here today, just met our granddaughter for the first time, tiny baby.”

“That is great! We’ll, I’ll let you go enjoy your company, have a great night!”

“Yeah, you too!” He says before turning the corner by his garage.

It is very dark right now and you cannot really see… But while I am unloading the car, I feel eyes watching me. I look over and he’s hiding, watching me. I can see his leg and his head. I start moving around to see if I was being paranoid. But I realized I see him moving to see better.

My nerves get the best of me, I run inside. I look out without being obvious, but you can’t see out because it’s pitch black outside, and super bright inside. I go upstairs and into the room facing his house, he looked so creepy . It’s dark in there so I move the curtain to see if he’s still hiding, but there he is…. Standing looking right into the cottage. I go downstairs, maybe I’m still being paranoid. But at this point, I feel sick.

I go outside to get the water bottle and see part of him hiding… Watching.
So on my way back inside, I said “good night Ray, I know you’re there!” But there was no answer.

I close the door behind me and locked it.

“Where you taking to someone?” Ask my husband.

“Don’t get mad, but this is what happened.” As I tell him the story, I see his jaw muscles clenching. Aggravated. I continued, “I think we need to talk to your parents first and find out how to handle it.”

“Fine, but you need to call my parents.”
So, I called his mom… “We will talk about this together as a family tomorrow, until then, enjoy your night and don’t mind him, he’s just weird” was her response which my husband had to deal with. Now, I am just a nerve wrecking mess.

This man is so creepy. He was hiding watching me. Not okay at all. I now feel scared…

What do you think? Please let me know what you’d do in my situation! What would you do in a situation like this?


4 thoughts on “Scary Encounter

  1. love ur blog and u r right that is beyond creepy, I hate creepy neighbors like that it makes you feel uncomfortable whenever you go around him just make sure ur husband is there w /u or either just bluff and tell him in a semi threateningly manner that u will shoot him if he goes near


    • Thank You! I was so creeped out!!! It’s just weird to find someone watching you! “Um yeah, I carry a gun for protection… Shot a squirrel once you know, a skunk, and I even spider!” And when he asks me why, I’m going to say..”they were watching me behind a corner. ” lol how is that for semi threatening? I think I sound like a psycho… Lol


  2. Ugh! Weird!! I’d keep the dog with me when I went out since he didn’t seem to like it. Although if wrangling a dog is too much, have your husband or someone go out with you.


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