Without a Mirror:Day 4

     This is a lot harder than what I thought…

     Early in the morning, I saw my reflection and I looked. I thought “I really need to work out.” But with my hip out of whack, I can’t walk well, let alone work out. The simple fact that I thought about working out while looking at my body, it really made me realize that I am being negative. So I am going to make it a point to not think things that are not positive when it comes to my body.

     I did good throughout the day…I didn’t look much, but when I got home. I looked in the mirror and brushed my hair, I looked again and just stared at my face and then at night, I looked in the mirror while I flossed, just because I can see if my teeth are cleaned…

      Alas, it is hard for me to pass by the mirror when I pass by one. Am I subconsciously always looking at myself when I pass by? Or am I just being self conscious about it so it’s making it harder to not look?…hm!


2 thoughts on “Without a Mirror:Day 4

  1. I here ya! Sometimes I really don’t like what I see. And I was thinking the other day, mirrors just help us to obsess. I think working hard and staying out of the mirror is best.


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