Without a Mirror: Review

I think I have been looking more in the mirror because I’m not supposed to, if that makes sense. So I am done with this challenge. Here’s what I’ve learned or really, what I’ve already known.

My hair looks fine unless it’s humid out, so it only takes a minute to get it done.

I don’t need makeup (I do use it on occasion). I think my face along with everyone else’s is beautiful plain. I do moisturize so I don’t breakout, but that takes what? 5 seconds.

Because I stopped the challenge yesterday, today, I’ve realized I’ve only looked in the mirror twice. In the morning and because I couldn’t figure out why my brassiere felt funny. That’s because I was trying to put it over my shirt. Yes, my friends, I do crazy, mindless things on the regular.

In conclusion, just know you are gorgeous.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lot’s of Love,


Super EXCITED!!!

Heyyyyyy! I have been super duper busy. The month of June is almost as busy as Christmas and it drives me bonkers! But I have got two things done just now! It all started with an idea….bottle openers. I can make them, right?

I bought supplies from both Amazon.com and Michael’s.


I painted one, stained the other…. Painted details based on the bucket and the pirate ship the boys picked, added hardware including hook for keys because if you are drinking, you are not driving! They also have magnets to catch the bottle caps! Woot-woot! This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever made. I think I’m going to make one for my mom, but I’d don’t know if I could make one by Tuesday!😴 So maybe as an “I love you” present later on. She doest drink beer, but she loves Malta’s which come in bottles.


TA-DAHHHHHHHH, my friends! The left one is for my in-laws who’s anniversary is on Monday, the right one is for my awesome husband for Father’s day! I wish I could say I was done with everyone else because truly, I’m exhausted.

What do you guys think?