Without a Mirror: Review

I think I have been looking more in the mirror because I’m not supposed to, if that makes sense. So I am done with this challenge. Here’s what I’ve learned or really, what I’ve already known.

My hair looks fine unless it’s humid out, so it only takes a minute to get it done.

I don’t need makeup (I do use it on occasion). I think my face along with everyone else’s is beautiful plain. I do moisturize so I don’t breakout, but that takes what? 5 seconds.

Because I stopped the challenge yesterday, today, I’ve realized I’ve only looked in the mirror twice. In the morning and because I couldn’t figure out why my brassiere felt funny. That’s because I was trying to put it over my shirt. Yes, my friends, I do crazy, mindless things on the regular.

In conclusion, just know you are gorgeous.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lot’s of Love,



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