Off to Your Room!!!

My boys ages 5 and 3 have slept with us since birth. Why?!? My big boys first night home, I found him face down because he rolled over his bassinet, his face between the little mattress and the “wall”. I then became the lightest slept in the world. No matter how tired I was, of you moved, breathed irregularly EV been dreamed….I was up.

Fast forward to today, why are they still sleeping in our room? Because we love to cuddle with the boys. Plus my Little guy gives me a million kisses almost any time he rolls over. What can I say? I am addicted to love. So that is my reason.

But the tides are changed. We are no longer getting much needed sleep. Or boys must dream about being acrobats. A first here, a toe in the eyes, a knee to the boob. Seriously, is crazy.

So I offered a million treats if they both so spent the night in the room… And to my surprise, they both agreed. Read them a super long story, and one was down. I am sure the big guy is also sleeping, but very lightly, so even though I’m at the foot of the bed, I am afraid to move.

Wish me luck. I hope they stay, I hope I don’t cave. I love my kisses. But what is a mommy to do. I need sleep.

Sorry for typos…I am too tired to do anything about it.