Give Me a Break, Please!

My brain is fried from all of the thinking from this past week. I can’t even think about all the stuff I need to do for this coming week.

Tomorrow, big guy has his last science class and I have a wedding to attend. The church is at 3 pm, the reception at 7 pm.

Then we pack our bags to go to my cousins wedding Saturday two hours away. We are spending the night then, Sunday morning, we drive a 3 hour drive to the cabin to camp for four days. Then, home to a family get together on the 3rd and then 4th of July celebrations, which I wish I could go with my family instead. But babe works during the day, so we can’t venture the 4 hour round trip (sigh).

As I type this, I just got another invite to another party via text, but I declined because my mind is seriously extra crispy right now. Last thing I want is to have a 2 hour commute on top of the family party for another family party in the same family… Lol does that make sense? Besides, as much as I love my in-laws, I need some space.

All of this stuff drives me crazy. I need friends… But how can I even have friends when I don’t even have time to breathe? I’m not complaining… Just thinking… Lol I’m officially crazy.

The phone won’t stop buzzing and seriously, I want to smash it. Of course it’s not mine, but my hub uses it for work, so it must stay on. I wish people didn’t want to have conversations at almost 11pm over family parties. 🎈🎈🎈📌:o I have to catch up on sleep or WordPress so, I am going to stop messing up your brains with my craziness.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,