Do You Like My Toy?

Oh, you may think it’s just a noodle,
But it is really more than that,
You can wave and say “toodle”
Or you can wear it under your hat.

You can eat it with a meatball,
Or cover it up with cheese,
When they are gooey worms,
Sister cries, “Get it away from me, please!”

“Do you like my new facial hair?”
“Do you want to floss your toes?”
I really, really love to share,
Uh-oh, it’s on my clothes.

“Avast, dare cross me sword!!!” I say,
“Ha, you’re never going to get me!”,
Mommy comes in and yells “Hey,”
“Stop playing with your spaghetti.”

BlogBattle by Rachel Ritchie. Word of the week…SPAGHETTI… JOIN THE FUN!!!


Mushroom Cap Pizza

Who loves mushrooms?!?

I do!!!

I love pizza and I love mushrooms…so…

You take your mushrooms caps, add pesto, sundries tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, steak, salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil… Come on people…. You can put whatever you want on it.


These are ours. After grilling it for I don’t know how long…if you want, add some cheese…

Morning Coffee

My first pregnancy was planned and I was scared to pieces of the unknown. My piece of heaven came out of that one.

My second pregnancy was a surprise in which I cried and cried and cried because I was so tired.  Not having any help at all because my husband suffered a car accident and needed me to take care of him, not having anyone to help me was just awful. I have an angel face it off that one.

This one… What is up with birth control failing me? I still don’t know how I feel yet. I am so sick right now with naucea… I really wanted to be done with having kids.

I just get unusually sick. As time goes on, the nausea debilitates me, I can’t read, write, drive, sometimes I can’t even walk without it causing me to throw up to the point of dehydration.

With my hips popping out of place and my tailbone, I end up falling a lot. I also have issues with my pelvis healing after childbirth.

So, what am I thinking about doing? I have been thinking about this all day yesterday since I saw the double lines on the pregnancy stick.

I am going to eat as clean as I possibly can. And drink as much water as I possibly can.

I am going to try to keep up with my yoga. Hopefully, it will help with my hips and tailbone.

I want to keep up with Zumba. I don’t want any more stretch marks.

The boys are going to their bed. I need all of the sleep I can get.

At last, I will keep a positive mind that I will be okay.

Now, my momma in law just made me coffee which I cannot drink. Since no one knows about this baby yet because I want to come out of shock first, I don’t know how I’m going to dodge the coffee. Wish me luck friends.

Great Day, Sweet Dreams, Lot’s of Love,