Do You Like My Toy?

Oh, you may think it’s just a noodle,
But it is really more than that,
You can wave and say “toodle”
Or you can wear it under your hat.

You can eat it with a meatball,
Or cover it up with cheese,
When they are gooey worms,
Sister cries, “Get it away from me, please!”

“Do you like my new facial hair?”
“Do you want to floss your toes?”
I really, really love to share,
Uh-oh, it’s on my clothes.

“Avast, dare cross me sword!!!” I say,
“Ha, you’re never going to get me!”,
Mommy comes in and yells “Hey,”
“Stop playing with your spaghetti.”

BlogBattle by Rachel Ritchie. Word of the week…SPAGHETTI… JOIN THE FUN!!!


20 thoughts on “Do You Like My Toy?

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