Morning Coffee

My first pregnancy was planned and I was scared to pieces of the unknown. My piece of heaven came out of that one.

My second pregnancy was a surprise in which I cried and cried and cried because I was so tired.  Not having any help at all because my husband suffered a car accident and needed me to take care of him, not having anyone to help me was just awful. I have an angel face it off that one.

This one… What is up with birth control failing me? I still don’t know how I feel yet. I am so sick right now with naucea… I really wanted to be done with having kids.

I just get unusually sick. As time goes on, the nausea debilitates me, I can’t read, write, drive, sometimes I can’t even walk without it causing me to throw up to the point of dehydration.

With my hips popping out of place and my tailbone, I end up falling a lot. I also have issues with my pelvis healing after childbirth.

So, what am I thinking about doing? I have been thinking about this all day yesterday since I saw the double lines on the pregnancy stick.

I am going to eat as clean as I possibly can. And drink as much water as I possibly can.

I am going to try to keep up with my yoga. Hopefully, it will help with my hips and tailbone.

I want to keep up with Zumba. I don’t want any more stretch marks.

The boys are going to their bed. I need all of the sleep I can get.

At last, I will keep a positive mind that I will be okay.

Now, my momma in law just made me coffee which I cannot drink. Since no one knows about this baby yet because I want to come out of shock first, I don’t know how I’m going to dodge the coffee. Wish me luck friends.

Great Day, Sweet Dreams, Lot’s of Love,



20 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Jahaira first a fall you keep calm!
    Everything will be ohkay! Have faith in god and he’ll do good to you!
    Best of luck to you.. and congratulations for you baby!! 😄👼👼
    Take care!
    -Akiraa :))


  2. You are going to be okay. I know exactly what it’s like being in shock from an unplanned pregnancy, I was just a kid so my situation was a little different, but a mother is a mother. Most definitely drink as much water as you can. Nothing will make you sick like dehydration will. I think your list is a very good one. Stretching of any kind will be helpful, I do it every morning and every night. Do not to afraid to ask for help!! Let your family know just how exhausted you are, and that you need their help. If not so much with the new baby, at least your boys!
    I’m still working on keeping my boy out of my bed too, by the way….spent another half-night on the couch! Ugh! Take care of yourself, sometimes blessings come in disguise. 🙂


    • Most definitely true, Thank You…I think I am just trying to process the whole situation. I only have my in-laws, but they are always too busy…it’s ok, though…i don’t think it will be anywhere as hard as my second one.

      Uuuuugh, the couch…I hope you can get through this also. It’s so tough!

      Thank you, thank you! Always nice to hear from you! Take care!

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  3. Jahaira, I have a friend who just had her 3rd baby and she’s a Essential Oils nut. 😉 She swears by her oils and with her first two pregnancies had terrible nausea and pain (she has suffered from fibromyalgia from adolescents) but with this last pregnancy she was using all her Young Living OIls and she felt great the entire time. If you’re interested, I can ask her what oils she recommends for nausea? 🙂


  4. I’m sorry you are feeling this way 😦 I can totally relate. Even though we planned this pregnancy once it happened I was totally caught off guard. Duhh. You’ll have good days and bad days and maybe be miserable the whole time like me but it will all pass eventually. You are really active now so your body probably won’t give you too many issues, especially if you keep up with the yoga and Zumba. You are gonna be one hot pregnant lady!! 🙂


    • I went to a wedding with my family and they were all like…”So…when are you having your next one?” I said…”ugh, don’t even go there, I…am…done!” They all looked at each other as if I was the topic of the table before I came and gave the “hmmmm” like “she’s pregnant”. I was so aggravated. The next morning I took a test and I told my husband, “if you tell me we have to tell anyone right now, I will murder you, but we are pregnant and I want to process this before I tell the family.” He said, ” I didn’t want to say anything, but you look pregnant. You are acting pregnant too.” By this time I am giving him the ‘if looks could kill’ look. He proceeds, “you’ve been exhausted, complaining you are hungry and you got nauseous.” danm it, lol. I am still kind numb, I think.

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      • Aww, well it’s great that he is so in tune with you. When you are feeling a little better about it go take a walk through the girls clothing section at target, that’ll cheer you up 🙂 we didn’t tell anyone until we were almost 4 months because of not wanting to jinx it then complications. You have to do it when you feel like you are ready, that’s all. Get some rest today, pretty, I’m thinking of you!


      • Thank you, I’ll take all the dust you are willing to give 🙂 I’ll return the favor in the future. I’m so, so over being pregnant. I can’t wait to get this baby out of me and complain about after birth pains lol


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