Oh Nuts!

So I went to Five Guys which they have peanuts…I grabbed a little container and put it on my front lawn for my little squirrel friend.


There he is visiting…then I noticed him going around the lawn, then he was in my planter. I realized that he’s burying all the nuts.


I was right! I dug it up and put it back where it was. I decided to sit and watch him work.


He decided he was going to watch me instead…but then realized I wasn’t going  after him, so he went on….


Enjoy your nuts buddy…I promise, I will bring more.

The Boys

Have gone on a camping trip with daddy and their Papa. Four days, three nights without my babies has been a first.

Not knowing what to do with myself Tuesday, I plopped on the couch and watched FOUR movies. The Spectacular Now, God’s NOT Dead, The Woman in Black and Catching Fire.

In between every movie, I cleaned part of the kitchen… Deep cleaned it… And after the movie I finished the kitchen. Niiiiiiiice!

Because I watched a scary movie, all the lights were on in the house. I went to sleep late, woke up early the next day…and that is how I spent my first afternoon alone.


I want to clean this house out! I want to get everything out, NOW!!! Even though I have been clearing house without documenting on here. Being so tired and hot, I am not able to do as much as I want and it is driving me bonkers!

On a good note, I went swimming today and it felt good. I even did flips in the water. Woot-woot! My big boy is officially swimming as well! Yay!

Also, I saw a video of myself from today. And you know when you notice that you are thicker that what you thought… I had that moment. (Sigh) My mirror at home has been lying to me! Oh well…I will continue to work out, I just need to eat better. Only problem is that I throw up when I eat healthy food. Yeah… If it’s not one thing…

Although, yoga now makes me sick… In fact if I get hot, I get sick. Maybe if I swim every day. Hmmmm. That would be good.

I went grocery shopping today and finally found organic grapes. Right before bed, I asked my big if he would like some… Of course he said “yes”, anything to delay bed time. I count it as special time. Anyway…. Best tasting grapes I have EVER had. Mmmmm-mmmmmm! It was great.

Boys are sleeping with us because we love cuddling with them. Seriously, I am super tired.

I close with this…

Give the person next to you, a hug and a kiss… Or simply say “I love you!”. Unless you don’t know them, that would be awkward, lol. Appreciate who you have there with you.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,


The Roof

Oooooh the roof needs to be replaced….the whole thing. The people that previously did the roof in 2006, put shingles over rotten wood, and mocked vents, so we were having a lot of issues especially with this icy winter.

The only good thing coming out of this ordeal is some father and son quality time.

From this…


To some definite progress…


It will take an eternity compared to professionals, but it is getting done and it will cost us $2000 rather than $8000 that we don’t have. So I am not complaining.

If it weren’t for my having to watch the boys, I’d totally be up there helping. But instead, I am in charge of the kids and the kitchen. I know their comfort food, so I must treat them well.


They love their tomato sauce and I love my boys. Now I have to get to thinking about what to make tomorrow… They need a delicious lunch and dinner. Preferably easy…

Any ideas?