What’s Going On

So tired today, I actually took a nap. I love my kids, they will lay down next to me so I can sleep, but I treated them with a movie instead. They slept 2 days in a row in their room without a fuzz all night. So I had to reward them for being so big.

It has been busy, I am starting to teach my big to read. The first day, was rough because he didn’t want to do it, but after a talk with daddy, he realized that it goes quick and he can go back to playing after he is done, so now it is going smoothly. We went to the cabin in the woods for three days instead of three, I have been trying to slow down, so I can remain joyful of life. When you over schedule, you only think about what’s next instead of enjoying the moment. So I have slllllowed down.

Oddly, my belly has swelled a little bit, I’m going to blame it on gas, because I cannot stop burping (ugh)…it’s both strange and annoying, but while at a family party today, I kept my purse on and kept retrieving things I needed throughout the afternoon. Such as toys, napkins, pens, paper, cell phone, keys. Almost like the accessory I cannot live without, lol. Plus, I kept good posture and tummy tucked in just In case the purse wasn’t doing a good job. So far, no questions.

I still have been getting rid of stuff every day I am home, I just have not been blogging about it,( I’ve been too tired and having technical difficulties), but I have a long way to go.

Babe and I have decided that we need a bigger house since we are adding a new addition. I hope whatever we do, it has first floor laundry, unless the basement is finished. I have started looking, but already owning a house, I am no longer a rookie, so I know what I want and what to look for, so unfortunately, we cannot afford the house I want…lol. Hopefully, we can finish up fixing our house and move on… I don’t know when.

One thing I am having a hard time with is realizing that one of the boys cousin is not only bullying her sister, but my boys also. I’ve known that she has a mean streak, but what I found out was her being sneaky about it. And even if every adult is in the room, they don’t notice, but as soon as one of the kids stands up for themselves, this child makes such a spectacle and the other kids rather take punishment than speak up. I tried having the other adults to ask their child “why” things happened, but instead, they just punish their children. (Sigh) I don’t say anything because I get too angry, but I have scolded the child  when I have caught her hurting the other children. I do always hear both sides because it is the right thing to do. I just pray for patience, tolerance, and to not have to deal with this child. I just feel sorry for her sister, so prayers for her ability to stand up for herself, but also for this child to learn not to hurt others.

I have not been home much and my phone is telling me to get off WP, it freezes, won’t load pages, oh well, huh? I ever haven’t been able to load posts at times.

It is midnight, I’d like to go to sleep, so I leave you with this:

“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. I remember trying to hide my pregnancy around Christmas, I was 3 months pregnant and thought I was doing well. No one really noticed but looking back at the pictures of my Dads birthday party my face was so red and swollen that I can’t believe no one asked me what was up lol I had also put on weight at the time but it was a lot of family that we don’t see all of the time. I’m sure you feel more bloated than you look though, I think we always feel worse than it shows! I’m glad you made it through!


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