We Told the Boys!

Tomorrow, being my father in laws birthday, we decided that we are going to put baby on the card. But before we tell  them, we have to tell or little guys.

Truly, I have been worried sick about my big guys reaction after he expressed to me how his brother is enough. I have been expecting him to cry and my heart breaking for causing his tears. My little guys doesn’t care about anything right now, so in a way, I want thinking about his reaction.

We decided to ask my big guy if we wanted doughnuts or ice cream. Doughnut was it and so off we went. He picked his favorite, powdered jelly doughnut, little guy and daddy picked chocolate glazed angel cream. I picked nothing for I was to busy swallowing tears. Daddy gave a little speech about how awesome brothers they are that God is allowing us to have another baby. Little guy took another big bite of doughnut because to him, that is the most important thing right now, understandingly. My big guy paused… “Boy or a girl,” he asked. Daddy said he didn’t know and he replied…wait for it… “Cool.” And took another bite of his delicious doughnut.

Tears poured down my face for I should have known. My boys are tenderhearted and too selfless for their well being. I hugged and kissed my big guy over and over again. As my babe beamed with pride. And just like that, it was just like any other day at our favorite doughnut shop.


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