I Love Home

I am sitting in my back porch with the fan on as the rain pours down. My husband sitting next to me reading, the kids playing, the dog resting. Oh how I love moments of peace and quiet like these.

Meanwhile, inside the house, there is clothes that need to be washed, stuff that needs to be cleaned, and it is so hot that there is no way I am going in there. Sooo, that is that.

Even though, I am sleeping well, I am very tired during the day and I am having issues with my vision. I haven’t been able to do much reading, writing or drawing without getting dizzy.  But I am trying to remain positive.

We told our parents and siblings our baby news yesterday. His parents cried, which made me wonder if they were tears of joy or tears of “oh gosh, we are screwed”, lol. My mom screamed “I am so happy” for 20 minutes straight and leave it to my dad to say, “Jahaira, you did not use protection?”. I cannot stop laughing at how weird conversations are with my father. 

My sister and in are still keeping conversations through text, she seemed happy. And my Bro and Sis in-law seemed super excited.

It was a good day yesterday overall. And today is going to be better.


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